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W A B C   M O R E   P I C T U R E S

All photographs from 1970s and early 1980s by Jack Meagher, WABC News.

Anita Edwards-National Sales Mgr.

Cruise on the Hudson River - 1975. Left to right: Paul Ehrlich-news director, Sally Meagher (Jack's wife), Joe Weill-writer and Jim Jenkins-Desk Assistant.

Same cruise on the Hudson - 1975. Left to right: Jack & Sally Meagher, Joe Weill-writer.

Same cruise on the Hudson - 1975. Left to right: Unknown man with hat, (partial) Rose Ehrlich-wife of News Director, Bob Hardt (standing), Webb Kelley-writer (seated), Alan Green and Kathleen Maloney-Green-reporter.

Joanne Brancale-Engineering Dept Secretary.

Paul Ehrlich - News Director - very wind-blown on the 1975 WABC cruise.

Left to right: Tony Luisi-engineer, Sandy Simon-Secretary, Jack Meagher-newsman. Taken in 1973.

Left to right: Saul Rochman-engineer, woman in pink is Ellen Leffeler - Glenn Morgan's secy, unknown, Sandy Simon-secretary, Bob Deitsch-asst. Chief engineer, Tony Luisi-engineer, Joanne Morley-engineering secretary, Klaus Gruber-engineer. Taken in 1973.

Linda, engineering secretary. Probably early 80s. 

Ergin Bicer-business manager (left), unknown secretary.  

Stu Fenston-National Sales Mgr (left), unknown secretary.

Staff announcer Fred Foy. 1970.

Elizabeth (Liz) Gamin Fulton-WPLJ newswoman. Believed to be the late 70s.

Carole Getzoff-WPLJ reporter.

Ron Lundy with Glenn Morgan - then WABC Pgm Director.

Linda Milan-traffic dept, Gus Engelman-reporter.

Gus Engelman-reporter, Nancy Doernberg-traffic reporter. Date believed to be in the mid-70s.

Jim Jenkins-Desk Assistant. October, 1972.

JoAnne Morley-engineering secy and Peter Bohm-engineer. 1972 WABC Xmas party-local midtown restaurant.

Linda Meilan-traffic dept with Charley, her dog. 

Kathleen Maloney-reporter - 1981.

Left to right: Rosemarie Ochiogrosso-engineering secy/engineer, Marta Hogan-secretary/engineer.

Nancy Doernberg-traffic secretary.

Nancy Weil-newsroom secretary.

Left to right: Naomi Pringle-secretary (later reporter), Jackie Weiss-secretary.

Left to right: Carole LaFalce-Promotion Dept secy, Nancy Doernberg-newsroom secy, unknown, unknown, unknown & unknown Believed to be from the mid-70's.

Back to front: Jack Meagher-newsman, Gus Engelman-reporter & Kiki Hooper-engineer. Taken during the newsroom rebuilding project in 1981.

Left to right: Tom Romano-writer, Linda Milan-Traffic Dept, Gus Engelman-reporter. Believed to be from mid-70s.

Tom Romano-writer.

Left to right: Saul Rochman-engineer, Sandy Simon-engineering secy 1972 WABC Xmas party-local midtown restaurant.

Left to right: Linda Milan, Celeste-sales secy., Ellen Leffeler-Glenn Morgan's secy, unknown and Linda Ingoglia-traffic.

Shirley Walton (Fischler)-did weekend pgm called "On The Young Side."

Shirley Laird-WABC Continuity/Traffic Director. 1972 WABC Xmas party.

Left to right: Chris Triant-business mgr, Jackie Weiss-secretary, Linda Milan-traffic dept & Jim Jenkins-desk assistant.

News team in a candid pose (Click photo for uncensored version.)

Thanks to Jack Meagher for his photos and caption notes!

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