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All photographs by Martin Hardee, Fall, 1978.  Click images to enlarge.

Adler, Donnely

WCBS anchors Lou Adler and Jim Donnelly doing morning drive, November, 1978. You can see the newsroom through the window in the rear.

Notes from technician Barry Siegfried about the view of the newsroom through the rear window:

"Art Volstad, the Technical Maintenance Supervisor, is standing in the newsroom and visible through the window behind Lou and Jim. Art is leaning over some equipment at what was known as "The Traffic Desk" at that time, and Rich Adcock is sitting in the chair at that desk. Rich is still working at WCBS today (Fall, 2002). At that time, his primary function was to communicate with helicopter reporter during drive time and correlate traffic information. He no longer performs that specific function, but he does still work at a desk where he can monitor various audio sources and assist the drive time executive producer with information correlation."

Anchor console

Anchor console.  An illustration of the console that news anchors see as they read the news.
Though the console includes lots of bells and whistles, one of its most important purposes is to simply serve as a holder for on-air copy: Almost all programming and techncial functions are managed by an engineer in an adjacent room.


The WCBS Newsroom. With the world's news resources at his fingertips, a WCBS producer coordinates the work of writers, reporters and newscasters. The producer can communicate with anyone in the station from his command post here. To his right, a filing for current stories. Wire copy is Xeroxed for each of the 2-5 writers on duty.

Reporter Walt Wheeler (white shirt) looks into the glassed-in "wire room" where that station's wire machines are housed. Executive producer Steve Baltin sits at the producer desk/console. Notes Barry Siegfried: "Steve is still working at the CBS Radio Network where he has been working for the past 20+ years or so. Standing at the producer desk and talking with Steve is John Cunningham who was the Chief Desk Assistant in the WCBS newsroom at that time."

News production

News production

Technicians work fast at the all-news giant. Barry Siegfried in the "Control-C" tape studio, WCBS news production.

Thanks to Barry Siegfried and Dwight Taylor for their photo caption notes!

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