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W I N S   P I C T U R E   G A L L E R Y

All photographs by Martin Hardee, Fall, 1978.  
Brochures from WINS. Click images to enlarge.

WINS Main Engineering

WINS news engineering, looking into the news anchor booth. WINS is moving away from this setup, to one where the announcer controls the board. Similarly, WOR recently negotiated with its union the right to have its reporters operate tape recording equipment.

WINS newsroom

The WINS newsroom.

AP radio feed machine

The WINS AP Radio "feed machine," affectionately nicknamed 'R2D2'.

Blackout promo

A promotional brochure trumpeting the fact that WINS stayed on the air
continuously during the city-wide blackout in the Summer of 1977.

New York Times blackout brochure

A New York Times excerpt on the blackout.

Promo brochure

Promotional brochure.

Talk show promo

Promotional brochure.

Promotional brochure.

New York Times Ad, 1978

This WINS ad from the New York Times, November 7, 1978 exemplifies the
kind of "all-New-York-all-news" image that the station works hard to project.

Operation snowflake brochure

Promotional brochure for "Operation Snowflake," WINS programming
to spread the  word on school closings  during winter snow storms.

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