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W N E W  R A D I O  N E W S

P I C T U R E   G A L L E R Y

All photographs by Martin Hardee, Fall, 1978.  
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WNEW Newsroom

The WNEW newsroom is physically one of the largest in the city.

WNEW newsroom, from above

A view of the WNEW newsroom, from the production room above.

WNEW central engineering

WNEW central engineering.

NEW news booth

The WNEW newsbooth, situated down the  hall from the newsroom proper,
can accommodate two announcers.  From a button bank on a control board,
newscasters punch up their own carts, in contrast to many other stations
where a union engineer must control tape play.

WNEW News Production Room

The WNEW news production room, with tried and true vintage equipment.

Line Drawing - WNEW news production

Line art version of the WNEW news production room.

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