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W N E W   S O U N D   B I T E   L I S T S

Excerpted from a radio news documentary by Martin Hardee, Fall, 1978.  

A catalog of numbered carts containing sound bites ("actualities") for stories. The "time used" noted for each sound bite helps newscasters spread out playing of actualities to avoid close repetition.

WNEW cart list

WNEW cart lists

  WNEW cart lists

And, an example of a script using the actualities on the sheet above...

WNEW Cart list

WNEW Script

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About this report
This research documentary is Copyright 1979, 2002  Martin Hardee - All Rights Reserved. (read more...) Material may be quoted or excerpted for non-profit research purposes without additional special permission. For additional information email martin @ hardee.net.