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W X L O   P I C T U R E   G A L L E R Y

All photographs by Martin Hardee, Fall, 1978.  
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Charlie Steiner preps the news

Charlie Steiner preps a morning newscast in the small news anchor booth.

Steiner inside the studio

Charlie Steiner, getting ready to read the news from inside the small studio. In front of him sits a digital clock. He also has an 'event' countdown timer; this tells him how long a cart has left to run. It also helps in timing commercials, which are usually run directly from the newsbooth. The entire station uses slide pot boards like this --  the mike on the left (mounted on the mixing board) is used for discussions with the engineer.

Bob Slade records a cart

Reporter Bob Slade prepares a cart for a morning newscast.

Control room

The WXLO general production studio.

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