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W A B C   P I C T U R E   G A L L E R Y

All photographs are of WABC newsroom & personnel from 1970s and early 1980s. Photos by Jack Meagher of WABC News.

Gang in the WABC newsroom, 1971.  Left to right: Harry Lang-engineer, Webb Kelley-writer, John Meagher-anchor (standing), Dick Sisk-engineer and Bob Ortiz-WPLJ newsman.

In the WABC newsroom, 1973.  Left to right: Dave Kreiswirth-engineer, Wayne Ely, unknown secy, "Emma"-secy in front of Jack Meagher-newsman, Linda Corrado-newsroom secy, Rich Kaufman-Desk Assistant, Linda Milan & Gus Engelman, Ellen Leffeler- secy, Tony Luisi-engineer, Hill Edell-writer (seated) and Bill Arp-editor

WABC newsroom November, 1971. Left to right: Jack Meagher-newsman, Dick Sisk-engineer., Bob Ortiz-WPLJ newsman(hidden), Nancy Doernberg-secretary, Webb Kelley-writer and Owen "Buck" May-desk assistant.

Les Griffiths, staff announcer, with engineer Peter Bohm behind the glass. "As I recall, Les was cutting a promo," says Jack Meagher.

WABC disc jockey Harry Harrison in the studio, 1973.

Welbourne (Webb) Kelley-writer. Date uncertain - probably early 70s.

Harry Lang, engineer. Date uncertain - probably early 70s.

Naomi Pringle-reporter.

Steve O'Brien, ("SOB"), deejay.

Joe Weill, Writer.

Jerry Zeller, Engineer (foreground) and deejay Dick Summer.

WABC Newsroom 1978

Gus Engelman, reporter, in the WABC newsroom, 1978. (Click to enlarge.)

The same newsroom being rebuilt, 1981. Jack Meagher-newsman (left), Jim McGuire-engineer.

Thanks to Jack Meagher for his photos and caption notes!

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